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Originally Posted by ///M1 View Post
Quick question on cutting needed, should I assume the 1///M falls in the 135i category and cutting/trimming will be needed?

Any chance you can offer this in anodized black? TIA
That assumption is correct: the trimming is VERY minimal for the 135s/1Ms. less than a square inch around the ambient temp sensor bracket.

We have never anodized a cooler, but we have had them coated with a thermal dispersant, which is supposed to increase heat transfer. It's baked on like powder coating. Somebody once tested a stock MINI Cooper intercooler vs. a coated one and saw a slight increase in cooling--nothing dramatic, but it did drop IATs a little. Paint and anodizing would presumably reduce heat transfer a little bit, although we have not tested it. We don't currently offer that service, but if there was enough interest, we could facilitate a run of coated coolers.