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Originally Posted by SilverEmu View Post
From your id, your probably have the ruby black w/oyster.....

I had the exact same setup you are contemplating on my '10 335i. My tires were Continental ExtremeContact DW - they have a slightly rounder sidewall profile and they fit just great. See here:

Keep in mind that not all 275s are created equal. A tire with a more square sidewall profile (like Bridgestone RE-11 or Michelin PSS) will be different, but I don't think you will have problems.
BINGO! Apparently my search skills are not as fine tuned as I thought. That is exactly what I was looking for. And that is exactly the wheel, Smoked Titanium. Thanks for finally sealing the deal for me!

Oh, and my id....I never even made that connection believe it or not. Would have been good though if I did have the ruby black/oyster. But I have Jerez Black. Not sure what I was thinking when I came put with that handle.