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Originally Posted by gizmo335i View Post
OK since I couldn't find any of the questions asked in this this goes..

1. What is FRP? 1X1? 2X2?

And can you please explain what the differences/advantages/disadvantages or all three.....FRP vs. CF, etc.?

2. Do you pre-paint?

3. I need Jet black if so and I want the CF on the arc like I see in so many pics. I did read a lot of threads about this trunk and none of these questions are answered.

4. I did read a few posts of people talking about fitment issues with this trunk. You can guarantee me 100% no fitment issues?

5. Zip code is 78232...prices please...
let me help ya:

1. FRP = fiberglass, 1x1 & 2x2 are the carbon fiber (CF) weaves

2. They do not prepaint

3. as per #2

4. They dont gaurantee 100% fitment, suffice it to say that not all csl trunks including Vorsteiners are 100% fitment.

5. ...