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First HPDE Event what Tires??

Well I started getting ready for some HPDE this coming summer and slowly prepping my car. I have been reading a lot of on the forums about what to do for the first track event and taking the advice of many not to go overboard with the mods and even run in a stock map maybe the first time. The only thing I have done to my car is actually install a Wavetrack 3.46 ration and have a square setup of 18x9.5 and Cobb.

I opted for the square setup for a natural feel and the LSD for obvious reasons on and off the track as for the Cobb its a great time and a ton of fun. As of right now I have V12 225/25/18 on the wheels that need to come off. I acquired a deal with the rims so bought the wheels as a package. I am looking to go 255/35/18 as to maximize the wheel while running -1.0 camber in the front with the pins knocked out.

The thing that I need some advice on is what tires to buy, I know this comes up a lot and I have searched all throughout but most of the threads are suggesting tires for driver who has already been on the track and looking to acquire the most grip. I want a tire that is going to teach me a bit while being stable but also good on the road. I plan on attending about 3 events this year and ideally dont want to go into the 240range per tire I would like to stay below $200

What I have to choose from so far: I have been looking for used tires but only come across a few choices within my tire range that will work for Summer street / HPDE / AutoX

My Setup
2008 335i 6sp Sport
Wavetrac 3.46
TR Motorsport TR1 18x9.5

Obvious choices I would love to go with
Star Spec Z1 - $250+
Ventus R-S3 - $250+

What I am looking at -

Ventus V12 Cheap around $200 each but heard they tend to chunk on the track. I currently have them now and the sidewall seems a bit soft somewhat squashy at times but they are so quite on the road and seem to grip rather well.

Direzza dz101- I found mixed reviews on these wheels, some say they are too soft, others that they are a great step up on performance from OEM non-rft and handle good for a few track events but they are weak in the rain. On the plus side I did find a square setup somewhat close for a great price rather close to New.

G-Force T/A KDW 2 $200

Nitto Invo $200

Is it worth to actually to up one step and spend the extra money or should I stay with the current 200 tires any suggestions for other tires are welcome.