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I get my car waxed once a month and washed in between at Eric's shop and I couldnt be happier. Regarding if this cleaning process will create swirls, i would say no as from my experience, i do not experience any swirls.

If you are concerned, best thing to do is call Eric and he will explain the cleaning process to you. I am not a detailing expert but for the past 15 years of getting car washes I can say that this is the best of its kind I've been to and has the customer service to go with it.
As a former professional detailer, why do you wax your car once a month? Is it an outdoor car? Even though they are some really good products out there that would hold up well, and you could then stick to a high quality spray wax that that you could use to "freshen up" the car after each wash.

Sorry for going OT....

Get a hand wax once a month. Why? Provsbly obsessive. . Like keeping the coat fresh.

Yes an outside car and driven daily.

Get a compound 2 times a year.

No worries going off topic.

Pics will be back up tonight. Removed because i will need to remove plate #'s from the pics.

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