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Originally Posted by acj75 View Post
I've been using Hankook V12s on stock 189 wheels for DD/AX/track for a year. The tires have held up surprisingly well for me. Last weekend I was at the track in the intermediate run group and had no problem keeping up with the fastest guys.

Sure, you could spend a lot on upgraded tires, but as a beginner there's no need to. I'm still learning and getting faster on these tires every time out.
This is great to know, i read some reviews about that tire great for street but not the same for track. Its right around my budget as well although i a still leaning on dz101 for the simple fact i can get them for cheaper.

Originally Posted by PeterM1 View Post
The LSD is a very good starting point, it'll save you from a lot of near-future aggravation.

Both the StarSpecs and the RS3s will be more than fine for your track events. Now is a good time to decide sizes, as both the tires you listed as $250+ in 18s are available for less than $200 in 17s. Tires and brakes will be somewhere on your list of top track expenses, and trust me these add up very quickly.

I know both of those tires will be more then fine, but i am not looking for a great tire right off the bat. I want to learn from my mistakes and find something thats in-between. As for 17 wheels well maybe that will come next season for now i am going to stick with my TR1 18x9.5 18lb. As for brakes my fronts need to be replaced so I am looking into alternatives now.

Originally Posted by warpig666 View Post
V12's are good, especially since you are just starting out. It's definitely tempting to just get sticky tires but I actually started out with all-seasons my first half of the year. They are a lot more sensitive and start squealing at every little mistake you make which can be a good thing when you are starting out and don't know what you are doing.
I would keep the v12 i have now but they are 225 and def not enough grip for my daily sprinted driving at least for the rear so on with 255 square.

Overall i know that i don't need Z1 RS3 ect and i don't mind a step lower alternative so i can learn at the track. Track pads i am working on, going to 17's not going to happen this year i am sticking with 18's. As for other alternatives tires though more suggestions the better.

Does anybody have experience with the dz101 on the track / street or know of a cheap tire alternative?