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Guys, just a quick comment... before anybody can make a decision we need to have a concept. I am in @ $1200 assuming no emissions impact, SE light or other warnings coming up, and a nice power bump. I don't need a sales pitch but I do need to make my decision based on "something". Right now "something" doesn't exist.

If you are just gauging interest, sure - I am in.

Originally Posted by TSM330i View Post
Target price is $1,200

They aren't designed yet, so we have no idea of pipe sizes.
The e46 M3 headers have an option for ceramic coating so I don't know why they wouldn't offer that option for the N5X header (it's $335 extra).

I'd imagine you'd have to install a high-flow cat to pass emissions. I'm actually going to be doing just that myself. I'll have them dyno test with and without the cat so we can have a comparison.