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Thanks for the comments guys/gals!

Off topic a little, but a few words on DCT. I have always driven manuals, and usually I prefer them any day over when I got this beaut, I felt I missed the 3rd pedal, didn't feel 'right'. But the more I drive this car, even after 15k miles, I'm still in awe!!

A while back I test-drove 997 C4S with PDK, and I must say it felt sluggish compared to mine. My comparo test: floor the gas and switch thru the gears; the PDK felt slower, more like an auto (yes I was in the manual mode), while mine I am just able to accelerate continuously, never experiencing "power loss". In short I was disappointed with the Porsche tranny, made me appreciate my car even
more. The BMW engineers really designed this properly, it's super sensitive, responsive, the downshifts and the blipping of the throttle (matched up with the exhaust) is just pure automotive euphoria (at this price range of course).

Yes sadly OT as I'm selling it, but I just had to share wirh my fellow bimmer-heads, but this is the best transmission I've ever experienced!