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hahahaha this question brings me back to the days where i thought the fast and the furious was badass.

anyways after reading through through thread I just want to clarify things for myself and for terminology's sake.

When ever I rev match in my car if for say I am 6th gear on the free way going 80mph (around 3000rpm) and I want to start pushing it, I down shift into 3rd and rev it to around 5500rpm before i release the clutch. That to me has always been rev matching.

When I heel/toe im essentially rev matching while breaking (before the corner) so that im in that sweet spot to power out of the corner.

Correct me if i'm wrong on this. I know i've simplified things a bit but that's how i'd put it in layman's terms.

I think for proper heel toe you need to practice rev matching so you have a feel for how your gas pedal reacts to you. you're gain more control over your car and you'll begin to understand how much gas you need to give it when to start trying to heel/toe. Thats how I learned (freeways are the best place to learn to rev match in my opinion).
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