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Even on many new vehicles a clay bar and polish can be warranted, but it really comes down to your preference and goals. The Brinkmann Maxfire Dual Xenon Swirl Finder Spotlight is a great tool to use to see how many swirls and surface imperfections are really in the paint. Without the proper lighting it's really hard to tell. If you wipe down the surface with a little bit of rubbing alcohol you can also remove the sealant or wax for even greater clarity.

If you want to deep clean the paint and remove stubborn build ups a traditional wash will miss check out the DI Packages DI Gentle Fine Grade Clay Bar 100g & Clay Lube. After that a gentle polish would be great to help remove light imperfections and really shine the paint. SONAX Premium Class Paint Cleaner is a great choice for this step as it deep cleans the paint and maximizes the shine before sealing with the Blackfire Wet Diamond with Polycharger. Again the clay and polish are not a must on brand new cars but it generally can help out quite a bit. Let me know if you have any questions.

Greg @ DI
Any new product combos from detailed image recommended for alpine white. Not interested in orbital buffing, want to do hand. Will start with clay and lube. Vehicle is 2011. Light scratches. No significant swirl marks. Any input appreciated, look forward to purchasing from DI.