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Not mine anymore now (my brothers) since its in England but we built these sytems slowly while growing up:

First start: AIWA NSX430 stereo

Then ROtel RA931 integrated amp, yamaha tape deck and wharfdale bookshelf speakers (inherited/stolen from my dad - have to have a crazy dad to have crazy sons - basically inherited both his love of cars and hifi - lol!)

Changed to arcam delta 290 integrated (later 290/290P combo)
Arcam CD alpha 5 plus
TDL RTL 3 speakers
Toshiba CRT TV.

Years later, moved to home cinema while keeping parts of system - amps and speakers mostly:
Yamaha DSP-E580 w/ arcam integrated pre-power combo
Later swapped to Yamaha DSPA1 separate w/ arcam for audio
Arcam DV88 dvd player
Added 1 then 2 REL Q100s
Toshiba 16:9 CRT TV


Meridian 600 series preamp THX
Rotel 5 channel THX power amp rb1090
Pioneer Kuro plasma tv
B&W fronts DM605s2 - can't remember rest
REL Stadium sub

Miss it. Loved the sound - the system could make you emotional - and it makes me emotional thinking about it!

Will rebuild my own hopefully if I get that surgery residency! Big IF. Gotta study! See ya!

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