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Originally Posted by AcExSpades View Post
Please elaborate..
Originally Posted by nOshi
"Same story, as everyone. I even took the sensor off and the noise is still present. My sensor is located on the passenger side rear, and driver side front This past weekend I wanted to find a fix, the noise makes driving this car no fun. Ironically when I was loosen the rear bolts before I jack the car up, I heard the noise. My car was sitting in the garage for a day, and wasnít moved. I was surprised since the noise will occur after a few miles of driving or so. Since the car rocked a bit from when I was loosening the bolts. I found the noise was coming from the driver side rear, somewhere in the brake assembly. I pulled the hand break up and then back down and tried rocking the car again, and the sound was gone. It seems it might be an issue with the handbrake pad on the rotor not disengaging correctly or sticking. I had to go somewhere so I wasnít able to look into it anymore. Iím going to check the hand brake pad, when I get sometime.

One thing that I noticed is if I put the car in neutral, and then back to drive. When I move off the sound will not occur, until I step on the brakes and release it again. I tried placing it in park and then in drive and it will yield the same results."

You're right. I noticed that sometimes when I forget to disengage my parking brake while backing out of my garage the sound goes a way for a while. Then it slowly comes back after driving for a while. I'm thinking it has something to do with the E brake. As you all may have noticed the same squeak is there when you get in and out of the car, when parked, and the e brake is engaged. Even though my E46 squeaked with the e brake engaged in park it definitely did not squeak while rolling from 10-20 MPH. I love this car but I'm really getting sick of this damn squeak and it makes me want to run and get a F30.
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