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Originally Posted by youngnastyman View Post
Hey guys - I have been working on my own car for quite a while now and am pretty comfortable doing simple mods that some shops will charge stupid $$$ for.

This is just a feeler but for those of you who are interested in doing some upgrades but don't want to do it yourself I would be happy to help.

Few examples:
  • Piggyback Installs
  • Intake Installs
  • LED/HID Angel Eyes
  • Kidney and Mesh Grills
  • CF Hood Installs
  • Minor Cosmetic Mods
  • Bumper removal/installation
  • Fog Light HIDs
  • Sub/Amp installs (trunk sub only - I don't like to mess with the factory Subs)
  • Trunklid spoilers

The list continuously grows. Will post up pics of my car to show the quality of the work. For more complex work - my friend who is a certified technician may assist.

PM Me if you're interested.

P.S. - I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post this lol. Let me know if I'm violating any rules so I dont get banned haha.
Sorry, I am a newb and with less than 5 posts I am not allowed to PM. I have a JB4 and DCI I need installed on my 335, how much do you charge? You can email me at if needed, thanks!