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Originally Posted by BForbes
[COLOR="Navy"]Its all a shell game for the most part. If you want private party numbers for your car expect them to make it up elsewhere. If the financing apr and price of the car they're selling is locked in they won't budge anymore on that trade. I think its a pretty fair offer. Your car is 5 years old and already lost over 50% of its value. I've seen trade-ins on 335i's around 19k. Is your car fully loaded? You did not state the options. The rolling out of new models does not help either. As you can see they're already giving you 10k off an '11. With that being said they could give you another $1,0000 or $2,000 on your trade. [/color]
My car is an 07 328 E92 with no options besides a sunroof and auto tranny, 15,500 btw is the lowest trade on KBB trade in value... $17 is good condition and 18,000 excellent... Id say my condition is between good and excellent since my front bumper has some scratches on the lower part of the bumper
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