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Originally Posted by dfk911sc View Post
1969 Chevelle SS 396 / 425hp big block. Age 16 to 18. Before it was all over and done: punched out 30thousands, balanced and blue printed, polished ports, 2 holley 1200 4bbls, edelbrock manifold, solid lifters, 675 cam, hooker headers with 3" dumps, TRW pistons and rings, competion clutch, blow-proof bell housing and a dana 12 bolt 412 rear gears. Didn't do corners well, but got you in a straight line very fast and gas was about $0.30 a gallon then.
Wow, sounds like we almost followed the same path. In1988 I turned 16. I had already had my 66 Chevelle for a little over a year. After some body work and a paint job I drove her around with a 327 under the hood, while quietly building a punched out 396. The 396 ,and a few other things , were swapped out over the winter. Needless to say, I had some fun with alot of my friends I went cruising with early that spring. Its nice to see that some guys on here have some muscle car roots. If I remember correctly , gas was about 75cents a gallon then.