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LCI taillight error free coding success! details inside----

This is reference for anyone had struggle with coding.

I ordered the cable from most of here members gotten from, I had to reinstall windows XP on my macbook since it's the only computer i got and old paralles had few problems. After new xp Pro had been installed, then I found out there is no com port feature in XP I installed, so I had to search and search and found out there is VCP drivers and I somehow got to install com port and made sure all the setting is correct according to the information here.

I read pdf instruction over and over to make sure I know what I am doing.
(Huge kudos to xxxjecxxx !!! thank you)

Finally today, (after long long research) I connected the cable to the car, and started.
Went to INPA first, I see 2 black dots good. After choosing e90, then tried to exit but a error box came up, but I just ignored it. I just thought 2 black dots is good enough.

Went with NCS, and followed the pdf instructions, setting up profile, go to CAS always first like instruction says, and go to NFRM (I have 08 e92) and change few 2 lines
to nicht. (I could be little wrong on the spelling tho)


This 2 lines were only used for error free LCI taillight retrofit coding.
(Big thanks to charles.soori for telling me those 2 lines)
coding ended. I did not bother with any other coding, because I could always make changes later in the future.

Anyways, I started the car, and no more fast blinking signal, but there were still error left (Rear left/right lamp malfunctioning) but it went away after 10sec. After that no more error came on.

The pdf instruction is very very straight forward as it was my first time trying coding. I would like to thank everyone whom I sent pm's for help and answering my questions.

Happy coding guys!

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