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Originally Posted by pwner4once View Post
Yes I have the nitto non RFT.
As far as I know, RFT are just regular tires with stronger side walls.
I guess the tires(RFT vs non RFT) may shape a little differently unde load but even same brand/model of tires are not 100% identical.
Mind explaining the point I'm missing?
Normally, one should avoid mixing tire construction types, tread patterns, and brands on the same car as the differences in traction, flex, heat resistance, etc. can cause unpredictable handling - especially on wet pavement.

Years ago when radial tires first became available in the US, some folks figured they would mount them only on the (rear) drive wheels along with stock bias ply front rubber. After lots of them were unexpectedly involved in tire related accidents, most tire dealers wised up and advised their customers of the safety issues involved in tire mixing.

You might post this question in the E90 Wheel and Tire Forum and specifially ask Gary of Tire Rack to respond as he is much more knowledgeable than I.