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EFI Logics Custom Calibrated Stage 2 335ix

Yesterday we custom calibrated a customer’s 2009 335ix automatic using the Cobb Accessport. The car gained a massive +62whp and +100 wtq at 14psi peak boost over the stock baseline map on 93-octane pump gas!

As previously stated, the car is a 2009 335ix automatic with less than 30,000 miles. The only power modifications consisted of an intake and downpipes. Per the customer’s request, we tuned the car for 93-octane pump gas, sharpened the throttle and calibrated the car taking into consideration the specific modifications that were made. AFRs, ignition timing and all critical engine parameters were adjusted to optimize power potential while ensuring safety. We are very impressed considering this 335ix only has minor bolt-on modifications, it's still utilizing the factory intercooler and it has substantial drivetrain loss being that it’s an all wheel drive, automatic vehicle. That being said, with all four tires clawing at the pavement you can surly expect this 335ix to throw you into your seat upon request with all of that power and torque on tap! An enlarged intercooler core would help keep the charge air intake temperatures down and enable the N54 to produce even more horsepower with more aggressive calibration.

Here are some photos of the meticulously clean and tastefully modified 2009 335ix on the dyno along with a video of one of the pulls.