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Exclamation HELP! My phone got stolen! Recover contacts from idrive?

Unfortunately yesterday my phone has been stolen. That means that both my SIM card and my phone is gone with all of my contacts and I have no backup of them at home....But then I realized that I've downloaded all my contacts to my cars iDrive (E90 2005 with prof. navi).

My question is: is there a way to recover my contacts from my idrive? That means I want to upload my (hopefully) saved contacts from my BMW to my new phone.
Or is there at least a way to get acces to my contacts (view) in my idrive. As far as I know I can't have access to my cars phonebook unless I pair the phone that they were imported from (my stolen phone which is not an option).
What happens if I pair a new phone to my cars idrive... will my contacts from my previous phone be overwritten?
Thank you!