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I need a new workout...

I am in need of a new workout, I am slipping in my fitness and it is showing.

Height: 5'10
Weight: 200lbs...

Issues to consider:

-I have shoulder impingement, I have a problem doing overhead stuff, I take a lot of time before workouts to stretch out with therabands, complex and akward lifts are not my thing.

-My arms are great, genetics are on my side between bi and triceps, some people have to do a ton of each to see the results I have strength and appearence wise but I do not put a lot of focus on things like curls.

-I hate cardio... I understand I need to incorporate some but where in the workout and what days as well as what I am doing needs adjustment so I don't burn myself out for the actual lifting part.

-Though I am a bit old and still in school I work late sometimes and have an odd eating and sleeping regiment so some perfect diet and schedule isn't realistic.

-I probably drink too often and don't really have a facts list of how bad it hurts my workouts. I didn't start going out drinking much until I was about 21 and kept a consistent weight of about 160-170lbs... I was not as strong but I was leaner for sure. I bet I probably end up drinking something alchoholic 3-4 days ish a week because I am stuck in a boring college town.

I tend to do one day back and bicep, the next chest and tri but my chest seems to be suffering, I do enough weight that I feel my chest isnt being targeted enough and my triceps end up burning out before my chest really gets worked out...

Here are examples of my workouts:


Standing curled bar curls: 3 sets of 12 reps @ 102.5lbs 8 @ 112.5lbs 6@ 122.5 lbs (for the last set I will curl a rep and bent row a rep until I hit 3-6)

Seated shoulder raises: 3 sets of 12 @ 30lbs 35lbs and then 40lbs

Bent over rows: 3 sets; 12 reps @ 112.5lbs 8 reps @ 122.5 and 132.5 for 6 reps

Lat pull downs: 3 sets of 12/8/6 reps @ 100lbs, 115lbs, 130lbs (I go lighter because of my shoulder

Seated rows: 3 sets 12/8/6 reps 80lbs-115lbs


I used to start off with 3 sets of 25 push ups as a warm up.

Flat bench press: 12 @ 135lbs 10 @ 185lbs 8@ 205lbs and a few at 225lbs. (I used to max at almost 300lbs, hit 8-12 reps @225lbs... I think my workouts are too inconsistent I am not close to what I used to be on bench but I also am not as good at push ups as I used to.

Skull crushers 3 sets 12 @ 102.5lbs 10 @ 112.5lbs and 6-8 @ 122.5lbs

Incline bench: 3 sets of 12 @ 135lbs

Tri pull downs: 3 sets 12 @ 72lbs 10 @ 80 lbs 8 @ 87lbs...

I can't do fly's because it puts too much strain on my shoulders. So I sub with seated ones with the padded verticle forearm pieces.

I do legs as well but am tired of typing and dont have a leg strength issue.

I want a new functional well rounded workout. I need to lean up and fine tune some things, my workouts are boring I have done the same crap for years.
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