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well I was certainly expecting a mixed reaction from everyone, but at least I am happy with it

Originally Posted by Slow_335i View Post
The job looks well done but the color isn't for me sorry.
Thanks for your honest opinion.

Originally Posted by andrey_gta View Post
Looks really good. Can you link to what brand vinyl this is??

I am getting bored with Piano black

Originally Posted by Timothy J View Post
Nice work but yikes

Originally Posted by Bimmer84 View Post
I like the route you took with the contrasting, especially the rims, but i think maybe its a bit much on the inside.. It's your car though, so just take everyone's opinion and be you. It's better than any type of wood you could have in there though, that's for sure...
yeah I hated the wood that used to be there...

Originally Posted by edirtaynine View Post
dont like it. i think this was one of those things that sound and look better in your head until it's actually done.

that blue on the trim like that reminds me of those cheezy one piece colored seat covers by APC lol
Thanks for your honest opinion.

Originally Posted by itrocks4u View Post
This looks amazing! Good job!

What size did you get to wrap the trim? I wouldn't mind trying this out but shipping from metrorestyiling kills it for me.
I got 48x48 from there, and shipping was only a few dollars, where do you live??

Originally Posted by osobnc View Post
I think you did a great job on the wrap. It adds just enough color to the inside.

Originally Posted by hugus311 View Post
should have gone with regular carbon fiber, looks good on install though

Originally Posted by Vesar View Post
It looks fucking amazing dude!!! I really like it
thanks!!! :-)

Originally Posted by CUTigers View Post
Looks nice!

Originally Posted by Zebra99 View Post
It actually looks interesting cuz your whole car is blue lol. But that being said its too much blue. Almost looks like one of those cars that are at the autoshows with everything single thing changed

Id say your car would stand out with a different set of rims. Either aluminum or black wheels, but the blue puts it over the top.

If you like it though, that's all that matters! This coming from a guy who likes the simple looking upgrades for a more clean stockish look
thanks, to each his own :-)

Originally Posted by mashimarho View Post
That really gives it a different feel.
thanks man!

Originally Posted by EYE4SPEED View Post
Really matches your theme well. Looks like you did a nice job too.
thanks :-)

Originally Posted by ctch22 View Post
I'm liking this very much!! Looks great with the exterior blue... The standard carbon fiber is getting too common now....
yes, i was hoping for something a little more original!

Originally Posted by skinrock View Post
You have a theme going, and that's what counts imo. I like it.

Originally Posted by just4kickz View Post
loooks clean to me

Originally Posted by jonerik26 View Post
might wanna clean up those corners on the vents, but looks ok
yeah my first try, I got much better towards the end, but the corners all looked good when I was done, then they turned back into the stretched bad looking corners :-(

Originally Posted by moreno1 View Post
Brilliant job man!! It's good to be different! Not sure I would do it but hats off to you for sticking with your plan!
Enjoy it to the max
thanks :-)

Originally Posted by BMWsky View Post
Looks fantastic, great job!
thanks :-)

Originally Posted by AndreyT View Post
Extremely beautiful. No doubt, the success if this color depends on how well the blue of the interior works with the blue of the exterior. In your case it is just perfect.

I consider trying blue carbon on a Deep Sea Blue car. But in my case your specific blue will not work well... I wonder if they make it in darker colors.
yeah I have not seen it in a darker color, but maybe you could find it somewhere!

Originally Posted by itsmeek View Post
No. Like the rest of the car- but that is too much. Almost reminds me of interior spraypaint. I purchased a 97 Supra with that stuff a-nd it was HELL on the eyes.
ha well, not everyone can be a fan :-)

Originally Posted by n e x u s View Post
thanks :-)

Originally Posted by N0OS3 View Post
that looks really nice! i recommend gloss or matte black for your shifter... the silver throws off the look IMO
well I thought about the shifter ,but then there are the paddle shifters on the steering wheel which look impossible to wrap, so I just left it to match the paddle shifters.

Originally Posted by Dark_Knight_335 View Post
I love blue so too much is never enough (yet I got a black sapphire with coral red )), but that IS a lot of blue
I find it highly pleasing to the eye though personally, and could appreciate the hard work and love that went into it.
So long as you love it every time you take the helm, that is all that matters right?
yes sir! thanks for the kind words :-)