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Originally Posted by MrQuickR1 View Post
I did this yesterday simply for maintenance purposes. I didn't have a light.
I have to say it's almost too easy. I did not see any debris come out other than oil that looks curdled, maybe from the throttle body cleaner causing it to look a little gelatinized?
I didn't mark which harness went to which solenoid. I just connected them to where I thought it came from. So I plugged in the longer wire coming from the top of the engine to the bottom solenoid and one coming from the bottom to thje top solenoid. I believe that's the correct order. Can anyone double check to make sure I connected them back the right way? LOL that's what happens when you do things with a mild hangover
I dont remember which is which but i am pretty sure the wires sit in a way that makes them easier to connect with their respective solenoids (hope that makes sense ) Id imagine if you did mix these up the car would throw some codes real fast!

On another note... Personally, FWIW my mentality on this is "if it aint broke dont fix it", but thats me. Not like its going to hurt anything but.