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Originally Posted by bavarianx View Post
What type of TPMS are you guys using? They should all relearn on their own. unless you have the part number from the earlier version, or it was damaged. If they were installed straight up through the valve hole they are susceptible to damage.
RS Technik, the problem for me they are fine for 3-4months then I got "TPMS malfunction", put the OEM with BERU TPMS no need to reset, warning gone after 5-min drive. charged battery cause dealer says maybe batt is low, siwtch back to wheel set that have RS-Technik, warning is back. so I know it's RS Technik TPMS. I am working with vendor right now, my suspicion is the batt on TPMS is dead (one out of four I think is enough to throw off the DME).

BTW, I bought the aftermarket wheels/TPMS/tires brand new (not used just to be clear).