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Hi folks

I'm heading up to Winton Raceway this friday to give the car a bit of a workout. If anyone is interested in coming up either respond here or PM me.

The track opens at 10 am and you basically have 3 sessions each hour (approx 15/20 mins per session). You go on for 1 session and then off for 2 sessions. If you're thinking (as i did before i went) that's no fun - why cant i be on all day. First, because its nice to share Second, the track takes quite a toll on the car and you will need time for your brakes to cool down, give your engine a rest etc. Beside, physically you will get quite worked out - it does take it out of you.

You need to empty our car out so nothing is flying around, bring a helmet (motorbike one is ok). I got mine online for 30 bucks. Wear long sleeve top and pants and runners/shoes. No thongs or sandals - basically your body needs to be covered up.

You'll learn a lot about your car, how it handles, how fast it is (amazing how a R35 GTR can make an E36 M3 look like it's standing still - 0-100 in 5.5sec vs 3.5sec is lightyears difference)

Cost is $140 + license fee of $50 if you don't have a CAMS license.

For more information check this out: