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Originally Posted by ruffrider1818 View Post
Hey guys I got a few buddies with Subies that you guys tuned. They've been telling me how you guys have been tuning 335s. I got an 07 RWD e90 with a jb3 on map 5 and bms dci. I'm interested in what you guys can do for me I'll be giving you guys a call 
I am sorry, but our software only allows us to calibrate cars with the Cobb AP.

Originally Posted by themyst View Post
Josh, how did this test car dyno on the OTS Stage 2 aggressive map? The owner has the correct mods for the map. How can we tell if the owner made any additional power over the OTS stage 2 maps with a custom tune?
Originally Posted by marv85 View Post
+1. but I guess a 100wtq increase is still impressive even if we consider stage2 agg to be the base map, but it would be definitely nice to see a stage2 OTS dyno
Originally Posted by bryce View Post
x 3

this will show the value of the EFI tune (gains over the off-the-shelf maps)
Originally Posted by jdbretz View Post
Do you have a dyno pull from what the vehicle produced with the OTS Stage 2 maps to show the delta between OTS and your custom tune? Without that is doesn't really show if there is much benefit going the custom tune route.

EDIT: ^Ben beat me to it
Sorry guys, but unfortunately we never did a pull with the car running the Cobb OTS Stage 2 map. The owner was running the stock map beforehand (was at the dealer the day earlier) and so that is what we used as the baseline. We will be tuning a stage 2+ 1M soon, I believe this Saturday, so I will try to make sure that we capture the gains over the OTS map for you.

For what it's worth, my 135i picked up 28whp and 40wtq over the Cobb Stage 1 Aggressive V301 map. Power gains over the OTS map will vary from car to car and will depend upon a number of variables. For example, if you tell us you consistently use high quality 93 octane fuel from Shell every time you fill up then we can calibrate your car taking that into consideration. If you tell us you travel a lot and may come across inconsistent fuel quality every now and then we will design the maps to be more dynamic/conservative so your car isn't at risk if you encounter bad fuel.

We are going to be exploring a 100 octane custom race gas tune for my 135i soon as well and possibly dive into what can be done with E85. Expect to hear more from us soon!


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