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Originally Posted by VMRWheels View Post
What sensors did you get? From my understanding, BMW made 2 different sensors that use different frequencies for 2010. If your car was made previously to Oct./Nov. 2010, you'll need the older sensors. Anything after, you'll need to use the newer sensors. You can check the production date of your car on the inside of your door.
Well, the strange things, when I got the aftermarket wheels + TPMS they are fine (I had to reset the TPMS on iDrive screen for the car to recognized them for the first time though my car is 2008 535i). Then 3-4 months afterward I got "TPM malfunction" , not low on air on one of the tires. Reset after reset, no go.

I believe they are RS Technik, cause the rep told me $200 extra for TPMS set, I doubt they are OEM BERU brand. The vendor advertised here so I doubt I am the only one having problem cause I bet many people bought these RS Technik TPMSes; unless something is up about these RS Technik