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Vibration at highway speed (doubtful related to wheel balance) - please help

Hi - I'm hoping to get some opinions here on an issue I'm having here before bringing it into a shop. Any helpful/insightful perspectives would be very much appreciated.

Summary of the issue:
- When I switched over to my winter tire/wheel setup months ago, I started to feel vibration in the whole car above ~60mph. I thought it was a wheel balancing issue so I got them re-balanced - no result.
- I then got the car realigned - no result.
- I just figured maybe there were issues with the wheels themselves (they were the Sport AS7's that can be found for pretty cheap) or unevenly worn tires and decided to ride it out for the winter since I don't drive that much anyway.
- The vibration levels at >80mph were enough to make me feel even a bit "woozy" after a while.

- Fast forward to last week - I switched back to OEM summer wheel/tire setup, and although the vibration levels seem to be less intense, it is still very noticeable. I'm thinking that the issue is no longer wheels/tires.

**What other common issues could it be? Something loose in suspension?**

Other details:
- Vibration does not seem to be coming from engine - definitely feels like a suspension or chassis issue if wheels/tires are to be ruled out.
- Vibration occurs even on newly surfaced smooth roads, which definitely should not be normal based on my experience with the car in years past
- Car has 48k miles on it, out of warranty
- Vibration is constant and is not caused or affected by braking - so ruling out brake and/or rotor problems here
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