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Originally Posted by JCLBoston View Post
Thanks for the reply.. good questions.
Steering wheel does vibrate, but only along with the rest of the car. In other words, it doesn't feel like the root of the vibration is coming from through the steering wheel.

The vibration is consistent at the stated higher speeds

I believe that the shop that I had brought the wheels to had the road force machine..

No spacers.. car is pretty bone stock

I'll look more into the possibility of the drive shaft being an issue, but wouldn;t that usually be a problem that's detected ~30-45mph?
Check with the shop that did the balance to make sure as the Road Force machine can pin-point if there is a bent wheel, out of round tire etc if they are unable to balance the wheel/tire. They should have provided you with a report.

If they did not Road Force I would suggest getting it done at the very least to rule out wheel run-out or an out of round tire.

As for the driveshaft, depending on the severity of the unbalance it may or may not manifest itself at low speed, just a like an unabalanced wheel. Good luck.