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Adding a little more information...

The car plate indicates the car was owned by someone working of a dealership.

The speed limit of the road was 100km/h. The car hit two trees. By the looks of things. the car was moving well in excess of 100km/h and based on the report I had, there was no indication yet if alcohol was involved. (The police cannot even determine who was driving.) Someone else on another website calculated that since the boy was thrown 40meters the car was travelling 72km/h if you assume that there were absolutely no obstructions slowing him down before ejection. ( belt, front seat, window, etc etc.) Obviously, there would have been obstructions, so that indicates a huge amount of speed involved in this crash.

Cars and fixed objects like trees....just an unbelievable amount of energy and damage sustained by one of the best engineered and safe cars on the road today...and all that was nothing against those trees.

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