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Kiwi Wifi Obdii

If you have a JB4 then stop reading.

Chaps I bought a KIWI WIFI OBDII interface thinggie. The simplest way to describe this is a wireless connector for your OBDII port. This will enable a wireless connection from your Iphone.Pod etc to all the data available from the OBDII port. Think of those p3 vent displays things but lots of different gagues all at once.

Works great with the JB4 turned off but not with it on The sad thing is I know the OBD port does not work with the JB4 and still bought the wifi connector and only when I plugged it in yesterday to see what it was like that I remembered

Therefore I have one never (really) used KIWI WIFI FS $150 OBO.

Check out the REV app does a lot more than OBDII data, also a gps track lap timer.
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