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Originally Posted by nailer335 View Post
Can this be confirmed? Because if this is so, I don't understand the value of being able to change it to RWD sooner- 70 is right at the beginning of 3rd gear when going WOT (as we all know) and that's really when we'd really benefit from this. Correct me if I'm mistaken, but I think the traction in 1st and 2nd with xi are to our benefit.

I've heard 70mph, I've heard 100mph...
I dug around a ton on this before, can't say that I ever found anything I would take as fact, but I've heard 70mph and up is RWD and 105mph and up is RWD. Based on my car, I'm inclined to believe it's 105mph and up.

I wonder what would happen (other than DSC being weird) if the JB4 reported a higher than normal speed to the DME? Be interesting to have it read 105mph when you were only going 50-60mph, and have the car be RWD from that speed going forward.

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