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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
If you'd bother to look, you'd see that each of these links are merely presenting content; in the case of the last link, it's a segment from The Daily Show where Jon Stewart is quoting Politifact. The other links are either quoting Politifact,, or (and this is the best one) Fox News. Yes, one of the links presents a compilation of Fox News issued apologies. But you've already made up your mind, right?

It's one thing to put up with the spoonfed bullshit on Fox News, because you idealogically agree with their stance, but it's another to deny the bullshit entirely. It's like the people who don't realize that Stephen Colbert is being sarcastic.
Oh. So you weren't being funny by quoting such thoroughly discredited sources? Woops. Guess I gave you too much credit. Disregard.