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I can personally attest to what Greg said, though my process was a bit different. After M105/orange/Flex@6, M205/white/flex@6, PO85RD/red/1200rpm, I tried cquartz for the first time (amazing stuff), leveled off and cured for 24 hours. After one year and checking w/ a light, I still have almost zero swirls, and zero marks anywhere, with regular washing, and even one *GASP* trip to the car wash (a steam wash admittedly, at a detail-oriented place). All I do after that is use Dodo Juice Diamond White, and the car looks soaking wet, and it lasts for about 2.5 months (car is parked indoors). So besides weekly washing, all I do is remove the wax every other month or so, and reapply. I tried light fantastic as well, which is a very nice wax, but I prefer the look of the Diamond White, and it definitely lasts longer. I should also mention that my detailing nut friends have all pretty much dumped everything they had previously used on light cars in favor of the Diamond White, and they all pretty much are using either cquartz or Opti Coat underneath on everything now.

Oh yeah, I should also say that I pity the fool who attempts to polish by hand...get a DA. You won't get anywhere by hand.

Pics of my car after the above process:

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