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Originally Posted by Marcs335
Hey guys,

Just a quick one - I literally picked my car up on saturday and had the tints done today. It was through a authorised tinter.
The back window - At the top - Looks terrible.
He said this is a common problem on this model. 08 BMW (335 if that matters)
There was no previous tint on the car.
He said it will take a week to settle but even then won't look 100%.
Has any1 else experienced this problem and found a solution or can anyone recommend a tinter that will make this look immaculate?

Thanks in advance.
Marc G.
Hey buddy, sorry to hear about the problems.. Mine is like that too, I don't think time really helps, just have to accept it. Mine has bubbles around the dot matrix area which is common problem but it also in patches and isn't even. Post up some pictures so we can let you know if it's really bad. You can always ask them to re do it.