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just go for the ///M and don't look back

I sold my Z4 coupe and replaced it with an M3

I test drove a 335, S4, S5, C63, and ISF

C63 was fastest in straight line no doubt

335i coupe was fun but felt bland compared to the M3

S4 and S5 were disappointments. I didn't feel connected at all with the S5, and the clutch was way too soft.

As far as the M3 being an inferior car to a mildly tuned 335...i'm not getting into that argument.

Thread starter: If you have a chance to sell the 335 and can afford the M3, I say go for it. But I wouldn't put myself into a bad financial situation. M3 will be a lot more expensive to maintain. You're looking at about 16-18mpg avg.