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Originally Posted by whoosh View Post
I also wonder if the box comes without a full seal due to the ram air effect. If ram pressure exceeds what the engine can take in, the gaps we see could be there to allow the pressure to dissipate. It will be interesting to see if the seal that has been added stays intact after a high speed test run in Mexico.
LOL. You are NOT going to make enough pressure from the stock intake scoops even at 200mph to over-pressurize the turbo inlets under load. If anything you will never get above 0 psi in the intake system under load.

0 PSI right in front of the compressor wheel would be ideal, but unrealistic.
Those blades pull in a LOT of air to make even 16PSI. You're going to have vacuum through the whole inlet system.

It's not even a "Ram Air" effect. More of just thermal efficiency approach by drawing ambient air that is generally quite a bit lower in temperature than engine bay air. This is effective due to the greater amount of oxygen (air density) per unit of cooler air vs warmer.

Ram Air would be drawing from a high pressure area on a naturally aspirated car to try and keep the intake manifold somewhat pressurized under load vs no ram air. This is why you see the "backwards" cowl induction scoops on NA drag cars. There is high pressure on the face of the windshield at speed.

You want coolest air draw and least amount of pressure drop. It's that simple.

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