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Slowly converting you away from Dinan products

I'm just curious, when you taped it to make it "sealed", how does this allow for any more airflow than the stock box with a drop-in? It's nice looking, just don't see it performaning any better than stock until I see some independent dynos.
Converted from Dinan tune yes, Dinan mods still in my blood. Infact the Dinan Mods are doing very well at this level.

I havent taped anything yet for sealing. I need a seal type gasket for the cover and the filter cup. WIll ahve to do some searching at home depot if I can get a roll of thick soft material that I can cut out and use for gasket like seal.

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I also wonder if the box comes without a full seal due to the ram air effect. If ram pressure exceeds what the engine can take in, the gaps we see could be there to allow the pressure to dissipate. It will be interesting to see if the seal that has been added stays intact after a high speed test run in Mexico.
Actually the secondary ram inlet on the side will act as a release

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So glad you are doing this! Thanks!

Also, when you dyno, you should do stock vs your new intake, and then vs your new intake with the "cowl induction" piece off and tubing attached.
Sounds like a plan....