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Originally Posted by brocklanders View Post
just talked to the service advisor, he said the clutch is destroyed. thats a very vague description, all he said was there was residue all over the bell housing. dosent make sense to me, i would have thought the clutch would have slipped in gear. waiting on word from bmw, but my guess is they are going to call it abuse.
Same thing happened to my first car. 1967 Mercury Couger with a 289 high performance and a 4 speed manual. I missed a shift from first to second and the clutch plate exploded. The bell housing was covered in clutch material fibers and the metal parts were intact. I expect there was plenty of asbestos in them then too. Another thing that happened at the same time was the bellcrank that changed direction of the clutch linkage bent and wedged against my steering column restricting my ability to steer. I bet BMW covers it. The engine has over rev protection. Over revving is what caused the clutch to explode. It shouldn't have happened. The reason your pedal may have stuck all the way down is that the pressure plate fingers could have bent from centripetal force from the overrev. Either way, I agree with the others that you shouldn't be paying for this but 50% is all you might be able to get. Maybe a letter from a lawyer is in order.

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