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Originally Posted by Syndicategt View Post
Um no! I can chime in here since I've actually done upgraded RB turbos on my car. All said and done, you are looking at $5,500 with the install for upgraded twin turbos and probably closer $10K if you are going to do the single route. Adding any sort of upgraded turbo makes no sense whatsoever if the OP wants to remain stock. You need FBO+Meth at a minimum to go this route.

That being said. Find yourself a good independent mechanic or do the work yourself. It's not a hard install, just very tedious. Check out the forsale forum or buy some new OEM turbos from Tischer -

- $1200 ($600 each) for the turbos
- $400 for hardware ($200 if you use current oil lines)
- $800-1600 for labor
Total - $2200-3200
I think what you get from OEM, including Tischer, are remanufactured. That is why the price has come down. Cores are available.