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Originally Posted by Gamoto View Post
CMI found that Republicansí faith was discussed seven times more than Democrats, and their faith was 13 times more likely to be criticized or challenged.
Wow, that sounds important, until you think about what that means! Republicans intentionally and voluntarily discuss their own faith, and the faith of others. It's one of the core principles of the new Repub party. And the only criticizing/challenging is done by republicans about republicans! The Protestant repubs criticize the Catholic repubs and Mormon repubs, etc. The dems don't give a rat's ass. Also, it's only the repubs who try to push the tenets and wacky interpretations of their own religions into secular government law, from abortion to gay rights to evolution to stem cell research. Not our fault, not the media's fault. And who's fault is the church sex abuse epidemic? Who's fault is it that Eliot Spitzer, who passed zero tolerance laws against those seeking prostitutes, was the grossest offender of all?
Originally Posted by Gamoto View Post
Not surprisingly, the networks gave Barack Obama a near-total pass on his religion.
Complete and utter bullshit. He hasn't gotten a pass on anything.

But let's step back for a minute. Joe Lieberman went from being brought-up as a typical contemporary American Jew to becoming orthodox, with all the nuttiness that entails (I have personal experience with this). Yet that generated very little controversy. Then there's all the other Christian candidates and politicians, all OK, right? But Obama's religion has been a continuous subject for 5 or 6 years now. Why? Why did John McCain have to tell his supporters that "Obama's not an Arab"? Why do half of all repubs think he's a Muslim? Did it ever occur to you that the problem is not with the mainstream media, but with nuts like Beck, Hannity, and Limbaugh, who have never, ever questioned the religion of any politician other than Obama?