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After giving my car a good clean I wanted to give it a clay, buff and use some new sealant (wolfs body wrap) that I'd ordered for a try out.

The car's paint had plenty of contamination and stone chips but apart from bmws usual orange peel there wasn't much swirlyness, so only gave it a buff with finishing compound.

Only managed to get one coat of sealant on today, second coat on tomorrow. It's left the car with a nice wet glassy finish already so just filling in any gaps. Here's a quick iPhone snap....

I'd looked at some pedals too, in the end I went with a set with no footrest plate, but with rubber pads which were similar pattern to the footrest.

Happy with the fitment, used self-tappers to mount the accelerator plate rather than the bolts which would've fouled the pedal's movement. I've decided to go back to the aluminium interior trim to match in with the pedals and because the gloss black wrap looks classy but a bit 'plain' and the e92 interior doesn't need any more plain-ness.

Still a few more things that I have in mind to try to spruce up the interior a little without it getting to messy or jumbled - mainly getting a few bits of interior trimmed in leather with some nice stitching.