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Originally Posted by twinturbo335 View Post
Are you new to basketball? The bulls swept the heat last season in the regular season. This year the Heat actually won 1 game at home. They still have one more game against the bulls at home.

Regular season games means nothing. You have to beat a team 4 times in the playoffs.
no im not....i don't give a fuck about if its regular season game or not I'm sick and tired of hearing about the heat not caring about regular season games that total BS. also last year was was last year this is a new season and if you wanna talk about last year the heat got swept in the finals so i don't understand you're point in bringing up last season.

My main point is the big 3 (if bosh is even in that equation) got there asses handed to them not once but twice to a team without their MVP. they suck on the road too compared to last year and they apparently cant just turn the switch on like all of them think, and they went scoreless in OT!! This game meant something to them if lebron played all of the second half