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Originally Posted by VTECaddict
Originally Posted by Gjm127 View Post

Here's what we're doing.
Any thoughts on sound changes, performance and safety???
you definitely wont have enough room to double stack the pipes one behind the other like that. unless you use ridiculously skinny piping.

stacking them on top of each other might be a better idea. use the right PE outlet to go to the left bumper cutout, and route the left PE outlet over the other pipe to go to the right bumper cutout. see my drawing at the bottom.

either way it's going to be super restrictive and will likely dampen noise due to the bends and longer piping. on my dual exhaust there's definitely less flow and less sound coming out of the right side.

performance might take a hit due to the increase in restriction of flow, but might not be noticeable unless you dyno it.

safety shouldnt be affected. it's just an exhaust, not a safety structure. in an accident it will just get crushed or bent.
Hey thanks for the idea! It looks like a better alternative, I already took the before pictures.

I'm going to see a much more legitimate mechanic and he'll te me what he thinks is best.

I know this is weird but I've seen high-end exhaust setups have their pipes connected in an X. If possible, should I try merging both outs before they reach the bumper cutouts?
It could make up for the lost sound in extended piping.