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Originally Posted by Sloppy View Post
Kalud, I want to thank you for taking the time to start a thread like this. I think its a great way to share knowledge and contribute to the community as a whole. I've been waiting for a thread like this for N55ers for a while now!
History have shown that its hard to keep those thread free of wars but maybe this time... I would do the exact same work for any JB4 user interested in getting the best out of his tune. And its where pump gas octane is low (California for example with their 91) that this becomes more tricky. Straight quality 94 octane around here allow the use of the stock timing curve and high boost (16+ psi), not that its a no-brainer but almost... Still there is always many tweaks that one can do to improve boost response, traction control...

Originally Posted by Sloppy View Post
1. I find this log a bit odd where it shows the throttle (first green line) to decrease where the rpm still increases steadily after the 9 sec. mark especially
Green line is Throttle (not DBW, Drive-by-wire throttle) so its was eyim1988 foot easing on the throttle towards the end of the run. Its the actual pedal potentiometer value.

Originally Posted by Sloppy View Post
2. What is going on at the 1.5sec mark with the CAN tb intervention? That looks like a huge 2 deg. drop in timing as well?
Perhaps traction control intervention? It might also be DME's boost control action (when boost rise up too quickly -> partial throttle closure)...