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Disappointed W/Dr. ColorChip

The SUV in front of me kicked up a rock which bounced off my front window pillar. It took a medium-sized chip out of the paint of my Vermillion Red 2011 328i x-drive all of two months old. I had read about Dr. ColorChip and seen their YouTube videos and thought I would give it a try. So, I ordered from their site and had it about a week later.

On close examination the medium-sized chip was surrounded by two minuscule other chips. The first application took away the two real small chips but did just about nothing to the main chip. I tried again, let it dry a while after the smear. Still about the same. The Dr. ColorChip just simply did not work for me and perhaps my expectations were too high. But my car was nowheres near as beat up as the cars they use in their demo videos so I don't think it was an unreasonable expectation this would work.

No matter how I apply it (dabbing and smearing), the paint just 1) does not fill the chip and 2) is not really a good color match probably because this is a metallic paint. All I can say on the positive side is that it did do a better job than a paintstick might have done. And, it did leave the car maybe 10% better than it was. But I had heard such incredible reports about this that I am just flabbergasted it could work so poorly for me.

Anyway, I'd say this was $50 down the toilet!