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Originally Posted by Skuzzy335xi View Post
I did this the other day and i do not have any wiring. all i have is on clear wire connected to the blue connector. Im interested to see if there are yellow and black wires on the connector behind the glove box. this would allow us to just run the yellow and black we need right back to the MULF2 from that connector. I plan to do this in a few weeks and will document the process for those without the Phone Prep. This also means there is no Antenna wire in the front stock BT antenna location. but as Snooze said you can just by the 15cm cable from ebay and leave it in the trunk. which is what i plan to do.
Please keep me updated as it sounds like we have the same setup. I have been through so many of these threads I lost track of which cable we would need for the antenna. Do you have a link or a part number?

Also curious about how painful it will be to run a cable from the Mulf2 to the glovebox…seems like a lot of trim will need to be removed. Maybe it isn't so bad.

Good luck and can't wait to hear how it goes.