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Originally Posted by BT#2 View Post
I can't see any advantages with this intake over the stock intake with a drop in filter.
Originally Posted by imageautodetail View Post
i agree, except for looks it is an identical product... in reality it is the crazy $900 AFE box that they probably over produced, so they sealed the second inlet port, put a new lid on it and are now selling for half the price...great trickery and marketing
I am going to pick on you two on this and those who agree with your opinions. Your statement express how little you know about the stock intake vs the aFe Stage 2 SI for the N54.

BTW the aFe version intake I am testing DOES NOT cost $900. This version intake is the one that uses the STOCK snorkel. The cost on this intake is between $400-$500 and perhaps less than $400

Even the stage 2 SI Pro that you are referencing doesnt cost $900. You can get it for $700-$800 and perhaps less than $700

All off you should know because you are members you get special pricing way below that marketing price.

The stock box intake air travel goes IN > UP > DOWN . It has to bank "SHARP" corners with through a SMALL space

The aFe intake air travel goesn IN > DOWN. The is not sharp bank cornering of the air. The air turning is ample wide with a rounded down "Y" spliters into the turbo inlets.

Here is a tech sheet on the airflow. I have sealed the box so there should be less restriction on the stock snorkel.
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