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So I am trying to get my sirius subscription changed from my audi to my bmw (e92 2008 335i) and Sirius support (last week) told me that there is an issue with my hardware seeing that the car couldn't recognize the signal. So this past monday I took the car to the dealer and had them track down the issue.

The dealer kept the car for 5 days, tracked down the issue and replaced the satellite module (almost $1,100.00) and ensured it was working when i left. I could hear the preview channel, which was new seeing that I was unable to hear it with the old satellite module. So I am on my way home from the dealer and I call sirius to transfer service from the Audi to the BMW and when the support lady sent the signal to the BMW satellite radio, I could no longer hear anything from satellite and they could not get the radio to work.

Sirius has all of the info on the car (VIN, ESN, etc) and they cannot get it to work after shutting the car off, resetting iDrive, etc.

Anyone have any idea as to what is going on here? Everything else works, AM, FM, AUX, CD.