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This is a shot of the chip from a distance so you can see the position of it and the relatively small size. This was before any work was done on the car.

This next picture is a closeup of the chip before any work was done.

Then this is a closeup of the chip after about five applications of the materials over a ninety-minute period. As you can see the chip is just about as noticeable although two tinier chips have just about vanished. But the material used did not function as any sort of real filler to the main chip. Also, the color is certainly darker than the rest of the car and not nearly as metallic (after many minutes of shaking and reshaking). All that can be said in the treatment's favor is that at least the chip is not now to the bare metal and is not shiny! Still, I expected a LOT more out of the product.

Oh well, the first time the car goes to a body shop I know what to ask them to do extra.

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