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Dual clutch transmissiom with jb4 or procede

Hello everyone!

I have a twin turbo 335i, post 2009 come with dual clutch transmission here.

1. I am looking to chip procede or jb4 does anyone know which oneworks better with the dual clutch 7 speed?

2. Also do you guys know what 0-60 times i should be expecting for the dual clutch with stock everything.

3 Does the dual cone air intake actually make a difference. What does it do to mpg? Fuel is effing expensive here in the uk 1.50 per litre!

4. Does procede or jb4 give u better mpg than stock when making love to the car and not pounding it

5. Most importantly, Can i just get the car chipped with procede or jb4 without doing any of the fancy mods like intercoolers, downpipes and exhausts etc or are these necessary? i dont plan to race, but would fancy giving a better car a run for its money at the traffic lights ill prob also do the dual cone air intake but dont want to do other mods if i dont have to.

Thanks guys, as u have figured im new to the game